Interface and download software for the Canon Technical Back E

In 1987, Canon released the Technical Back E for their
top of the line auto focus cameras, the EOS6x0 series.
The TBE can record a lot of useful data (time, exposure data, etc.),
and, using the Canon Interface Unit TB, it can be connected to any
computer with a RS232 interface. Unfortunately, the software that
came on a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk with the TBE is written for the
IBM PC/XT and does not work on anything faster.

In 1997, I became the lucky owner of a Canon EOS RT with a TBE.
I examined the Interface Unit TB and the original software,
and made a DOS program for TBE data download.
Recently, after being asked for it several times,
I also made a Win32 program that does the same.

Once you have the data in IFU format, you can use the original
IFU.EXE from canon to look at the data, or much better, use
Pawel Nabe's RIFU.EXE to convert the data into a human readable

For the people who have a TBE without the interface,
I made this drawing of the Interface Unit TB schematics,
so people can build an interface themselves:

I also designed a modified interface which is better
suited for PDAs like the Siemens IC35 or the Palm
PDAs (with RS232 interface and external 3V supply):

If anyone happens to have a Siemens IC35 and wants to use
the interface with it, here is the download application.

About the connector
As far as I know, the 6 Pin connector used by Canon for the
TBE and the DMB90 can not be obtained separately.
It comes only attached to an Interface Unit TB, the DMB90
MSX interface or the Keyboard Unit E. The best way to equip
your self built interface with such a connector is to cut
one off of one of these devices. Insert a common connector
pair (such as MiniDIN or Binder type 712) and you can use
it on both devices.